COVID-19 – Tour of Norway 2020 is cancelled

Photo: Szymon Gruchalski


COVID-19 – Tour of Norway 2020 is cancelled

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the UCI decided to suspend all cycling races for the next two months. Consequently, Tour of Norway 2020 won’t take place.

Given the severity of the health situation in the world and in order to fight against the spread of the COVID-19, the UCI together with AIOCC (representants of the race organisers), AIGCP (representants of the teams) and CPA (representants of the riders) decided yesterday to « prolong the suspension of cycling competitions until 1 June 2020 ». As a result, Tour of Norway which should have been organized from May 21st until May 24th needs to be cancelled.

It is as of today impossible to know when the cycling season will be able to start again and the UCI is « giving priority to the three Grands Tours and cycling’s Monuments » in addition to the races still on the calendar when defining the future UCI International Road Calendar at the end of this period. This is the reason why postponing Tour of Norway to a later date this year wasn’t an available option.

In these demanding times, please follow the government's advices and the hygiene measures necessary to tackle the spread of the disease. We hope to return next year with an exciting Tour of Norway!