Stage 2

Wednesday May 29th, 2019

  • Kvinesdal


  • Mandal


  • 13:45

    Start time

  • 174.0




In between Kristiansand and Stavanger lies Kvinesdal, the village has over 6000 residents and more with U.S citizenship than any other place in Norway. In addition to a strong bond with the U.S., the nature in Kvinesdal is a reason why many visit us. The Feda Fjord and valley that stretches from the ocean to the high mountains is a characteristic landmark. [...]



Norway’s southernmost city, Mandal, is idyllically situated along the Norwegian coast. As the oldest among the southern villages, it builds on a rich history of salmon fishing, shipping, artists and the start of the Norwegian oil adventure. A big part of the shipping traffic in the 16th century remained along the Norwegian coast on the way to larger ports in the west. [...]


Start, Liknes (Kvinesdal) 13:45 h. Local circuit in Mandal from approximately 17:00 h. Finish approximately 18:00 h.

The second stage will be starting in Liknes, Kvinesdal. There will be a challenging 7,5 km hill of 2,8% right at the start. The race will then head towards Farsund, known for the great atmosphere from 2018. Headed towards Lista lighthouse before the peloton will be headed towards Lyngdal where we will find the finish of the 3rd stage. The community will therefore be giving the peloton a taste of the atmosphere for the following stage. Headed towards Mandal, we will be facing narrow roads and hills, in a total altitude of 2388, which should not be too hard for the peloton to manage. A final lap of 9,6 km times three is waiting in Mandal, before finishing at the oceanside at the harbour.

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