Stage 6

Sunday June 2nd, 2019

  • Gran


  • Hønefoss


  • 11:10

    Start time

  • 175.1




The municipality of Gran forms part of the traditional Hadeland regions, and comprises Moen, Brandbu, Jaren, and Gran – with Jaren as its administrative centre. It was established on 1 January 1838, but is better known for its medieval heritage featuring the beautiful Sister Churches, Norway's oldest guest house still in operation (Granavollen Gjæstgiveri, est. 1657), and the spectacular cultural landscape along the Pilgrims' Trail (Tuscany of the North?). [...]



The municipality of Ringerike features the spectacular Tyrifjorden, bare mountains, vast forests, cultural landscapes, lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams – simply Norway in a nutshell. It is located in the eastern part of Buskerud county, with Hønefoss as its administrative centre. Hønefoss is an important hub for car, train, and bus travel. [...]


Start, Gran centre 11:10 h. Passing the start town again approximately 12:15 h.  Passing finish line in Hønefoss approximately 14:40 h. Finish approximately 15:30 h.

The last stage will be starting at Hadeland and we will be visiting the county of Oppland. The stage is crossing Hadeland and will be on some of the same roads as Hadeland Grand Prix a few years ago. Gran and Brandbu will be passed twice by the peloton, before they are headed towards the first hill sprint at Bleiken Station. Continuining towards Granavollen and Ringerike, which someone will remember from Ringerike Grand Prix. The peloton will race on lap around Steinsfjorden via Sundsvollen and Vik before they are headed to Røyse. Hønefoss is the finish for the last stage, and the finish line is far out on the bridge this time. This will be a spectacular sight, and the peloton will be racing one lap before heading towards Knestang and the challenging Harehaugveien to Smeden. 11 km remains from the top of the hill and we are not expecting to see the peloton gathering for the remaining kilometers.

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