Our sponsors play a crucial role in making Tour of Norway the success it is. We thank them all!


General sponsor


At Uno-X Energy we make everything as simple and unbureaucratic as possible. We focus on implementation capacity. We put things into practice and do not create unnecessary work for each other. We treat employees and customers properly, do the right things, have fun and work hard. At Uno-X Energy, we have a fundamental desire to always act as simple and uncomplicated as possible in order to please our customers.

Main sponsors

  • Joker

    Joker consists of 465 stores spread throughout Norway. We are the local store meeting your needs for daily consumer goods and local services.

  • Sommervibber

    «Sommervibber» is the collection of summer food products from Joker. You will find under the «Sommervibber» naming all you need in order to have the perfect barbecue meal.

  • Visit Norway

    The Norwegian way of life. Equality, freedom… and waffles. The foods, traditions and way of life here on the outskirts of Europe may sometimes seem peculiar. Hopefully you can learn a thing or two by reading here.

Official sponsors

  • AKA

    Since our creation in 1977, we have followed a simple philosophy: AKA focuses on solutions, not problems. It has produced results. Between 1977 and 2000, AKA built up a successful grocery chain. In 2000, 43 chain stores merged into NorgesGruppen. This gave us new opportunities. We are now owner and manager of our own commercial properties. The country's leading grocery chains and trading companies are today our customers and partners. Our goal is to build up AKA as Norway's leading, most well-run and profitable real estate company within our niche.

  • Allkopi Netprint

    Allkopi NetPrint is one of Norway's largest graphics providers and we deliver your expression on all surfaces. Our product range extends from traditional printing, large format and design drawings - to design, decoration and innovative digital solutions. You can find us in most cities, all 18 departments in total - we are also available 24 hours a day with our online printing Allkopi NetPrint 24/7. Welcome to us!

  • Berentsen

    Berentsens Brygghus AS - Etabl 1895 - Berentsens Brewery Team and the associated people are keen to deliver taste-experiences to customers in the South West and eventually beyond our homearea. The brewery is located on the coast - where the rough and beautiful nature is influencing the good taste! Eplemost with carbonated acid is one of the stars on Berentsen's team. Once you've earned it - we hope you taste our products. We love the cycling sport - it's fair and gives free experiences to the people!

  • Bilia

    Bilia is one of Europe’s largest car dealership chains, with a leading position in servicing and sales of cars and transport vehicles plus supplementary services such as financing and insurance. Bilia has 130 facilities Sweden, Norway, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium plus two online auction sites, one in Sweden and one in Norway.

  • Del Vegen

    "Del Vegen" is the Government Road Administration's campaign to improve understanding between cyclists and motorists in traffic. The main theme of the campaign in 2018 is the interaction between everyday cyclists and motorists in cities and towns. Both everyday cyclists and motorists are in the target group, and the messages are "seen when riding a bicycle" or "remember to watch cyclists." The most serious cycling accidents happen because cyclists are overlooked, even though there is full daylight, and accidents occur most often in urban areas.

  • Repsol

    Repsol is one of the top companies in the oil and gas industry. We are present across the entire value chain: exploration and production, transformation, development, and marketing of energy that is efficient, sustainable, and competitive for millions of people.

  • Sparebank1 Ringerike Hadeland

    SpareBank 1 Ringerike Hadeland is a financial group providing a wide range of financial services, real estate brokerage, financial advisory services and accounting services. We have a leading position in both the personal and corporate market in Ringerike, Hadeland and Nittedal.

  • Tronrud

    At Tronrud Eiendom, we have been working on the development and management of property for over 40 years. Over the years, we have been responsible for the construction of several hundred residential units, commercial space and parking garages.

  • Utleie Senteret

    At Utleiesenteret we know that there is various needs for equipment in the building and construction industry. Sometimes you lack something, other times you should have had more of something. We specialize in the equipment you need!

Official suppliers

  • Call2Action

    Call2action is a national advertising and media agency working with customers all across the country, ranging from marketing to graphic identity and expression.
    Our philosophy is to help our customers get the most out of their marketing.

  • Fædrelandsvennen

    Fædrelandsvennen is the leading newspaper in Sørlandet and is published as a morning newspaper six days a week. The core market is in the Kristiansand region, the Lillesand area and in Setesdal, but the newspaper also has a considerable number of readers in the rest of the Agder counties. The media house Fædrelandsvennen also has ownership interests in local newspapers and in new media. The company is part of Schibsted Norway. The head office is in Kristiansand.

  • KIND

    KIND is an international, multi-award winning, full-service branding agency. Our head office is in Bergen, Norway. Our team of experts in design, strategy, positioning and content, is spread across the world. This global presence has helped us to create iconic, award-winning, emotive work for market-leading companies across wildly diverse markets. Our work is different. It’s one of a KIND.


  • Aker Solutions

  • AkerBP

  • Asfalt Sør

  • Avinor

  • BG

  • Block Watne

  • Colorline

  • Dalane Energi

  • Dalane Tidende

  • Dare

  • Eigersund Næring og Havn

  • Eigersund Parkering

  • Equinor

  • Espeland

  • Hellvik Hus

  • Hinna Park

  • jær radioen

  • Kodeks

  • Kongeparken

  • Kverneland Bil

  • melings

  • NorDan

  • Nordsjørittet

  • Norway Bike Rental

  • Preikestolen Design

  • PS

  • PSS


  • Santini

  • spinn

  • statens vegvesen

  • stavanger forum

  • Sykkelbyen Egersund

  • Sørlandets Elektro

  • Transport Anlegg

  • Tørst Energidrikk

  • Vartdal Plast


  • Blomsterverkstedet

  • Larsen Gartneri

  • LOS

  • Mills

  • Oddernes Gartneri

  • Pågen

  • showroom

  • Sørlandschips

  • Søstra til Morten

  • xl container

Start/finish locations (muncipalities)

  • Arendal kommune

  • Drammen Kommune

  • Eigersund kommune

  • Gran kommune

  • Kristiansand Kommune

  • Kvinesdal Kommune

  • Lyngdal kommune

  • Mandal Kommune

  • Ringerike kommune

  • Sandefjord Kommune

  • Skien Kommune

  • Stavanger Kommune

County authorities

  • Aust-Agder Fylkeskommune

  • Buskerud fylkeskommune

  • Oppland Fylkeskommune

  • Rogaland Fylkeskommune

  • Telemark Fylkeskommune

  • Vest Agder Fylkeskommune

  • Vestfold Fylkeskommune

Other contributing muncipalities

  • Lindesnesfondet

  • Listerfondet

Other public contributors and co-operating partners

  • Fjord Norway

  • NCE Tourism Fjord Norway

  • Norske stat

  • Region Stavanger