Coop continues as main partner at Tour of Norway

Photo: Kjetil Birkedal Pedersen

Coop continues as main partner at Tour of Norway

Coop has extended the partnership with Tour of Norway 2022, which will be held at May 24th-29th.

The partnership between Coop and Tour of Norway is an expression of our common engagement to inspire the population to do training and physical activity in their every day life. Coop is an active part in Norwegian sports, where they collaborate with different kind of sports including football, skiing and cycling. Coop is also a partner for Team Coop.

Eventdirector, Roy Hegreberg is excited about extended partnership with Coop: “We are very pleased to have Coop with us at Tour of Norway. The organisation behind Tour of Norway is owned by sports, and Coop is owned by the consumers. With Coop´s major investment in sports, there is a natural link between us, as we both want to create extraordinary sports events and support Norwegian sports in general”.

About Coop:

Coop is one of the largest grocery stores in Norway. Coop differentiates from their competitors by being a consumer owned organization. Through memberships, Coop has about 1,9 million owners.

Coop creates value by not making a few people rich, but creating value for the many. This is clearly stated in their mission - “It must be a good thing to choose Coop” (“det skal lønne seg å velge Coop”)

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