Our sponsors play a crucial role in making Tour of Norway the success it is. We thank them all!


General partner


Repsol is one of the top companies in the oil and gas industry. We are present across the entire value chain: exploration and production, transformation, development, and marketing of energy that is efficient, sustainable, and competitive for millions of people.

Main partners

  • Norway Bike Experience

    Norway Bike Experience provides premium road bikes for rent. A road bike is the perfect companion when exploring Stavanger and Jæren with its magic and diverse scenery.

  • Visit Norway

    The Norwegian way of life. Equality, freedom… and waffles. The foods, traditions and way of life here on the outskirts of Europe may sometimes seem peculiar. Hopefully you can learn a thing or two by reading here.

Official partners

  • Berentsen

    Berentsens Brygghus AS - Etabl 1895 - Berentsens Brewery Team and the associated people are keen to deliver taste-experiences to customers in the South West and eventually beyond our homearea. The brewery is located on the coast - where the rough and beautiful nature is influencing the good taste! Eplemost with carbonated acid is one of the stars on Berentsen's team. Once you've earned it - we hope you taste our products. We love the cycling sport - it's fair and gives free experiences to the people!

  • Coop

    Coop is Norway's second largest daily retailer and operates today approx. 1,150 grocery stores within six chain concepts: OBS, Extra, Coop Prix, Coop Mega, Coop Marked and Matkroken.

  • Dalane Energi

    Dalane Energi consists of skilled energy advisors who care about the end customer. Electrification means that in the future, we will use a lot more electricity at once, increasing both the electricity and power requirements. Dalane Energi assists customers in reducing electricity expenses through energy advice, inspections, favorable and transparent electricity agreements without hidden costs and commitments. At Dalane Energi, you also get your own personal contact person as a customer.

  • fjordline

    Fjord Line was founded in 1993 and is Norway's second largest ferry company in international passenger and freight traffic between Norway and Denmark with a market share of well over 20%.

    The three ships, MS Bergensfjord, MS Stavangerfjord, and Fjord FSTR, operate on four ferry routes between Norway and Denmark. In addition to passenger traffic, Fjord Line also transports utility vehicles and cargo

  • MibauStema

    MibauStema AS produces aggregates for asphalt and concrete, as well as crushed stone and gravel materials for road construction and offshore structures. We have four production sites: Jelsa, Tau, and Dirdal in Rogaland, and Larvik in Vestfold. MibauStema is the country's largest exporter of crushed stone and gravel materials, and almost all of our production is transported by boat to our customers.

  • Norrøn Bolig

    Norrøn Bolig consists of 36 highly qualified employees. From skilled craftsmen with master's certificates to solid expertise in project planning and housing advice. Customers are assisted throughout the construction process – from the initial meeting, site inspection, drawings, applications, and approvals to a one-year inspection. Norrøn Bolig builds everything from single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, and vacation homes to larger residential and cottage developments. In addition, they renovate and rehabilitate homes according to customer preferences. They put their heart into delivering quality and precision at the agreed-upon price throughout the construction phase.

  • Santini

    Since 1965, Italian brand Santini has produced bicycle clothing for both pros and amateurs, ladies and men - and now also Tour of Norway. Santini is considered a pioneer in cycling clothing and has for many years produced the most sought-after cycling jersey in the world: the World Champion jersey. In addition to the World Champion jersey, Santini also supplies clothes for Team Trek-Segafredo and Team Coop.

  • Twentyfour

    The Norwegian concept of TUR is deeply rooted in the Norwegians heritage. From the mountains to urban streets, TUR means celebrating time outdoors, no matter the weather-forecast. TUR is more than just an activity, it’s a lifestyle! Twentyfour is designed for good urban outdoor experiences – it’s all about going out, feeling fresh and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

    Nature is just outside - hope to see you out there!

  • Xpeng

    In this year's race, XPENG is presenting 30 fully electric race cars in the form of XPENG G9 Long Range. This is a class-leading electric SUV with up to 570 km range, making it ideal as a support vehicle in a cycling race where long distances need to be covered. The car's ultra-fast charging speed of up to 300 kW will also ensure short charging stops along the way and make it less worrisome for the drivers. In fact, the car charges so quickly that it holds NAF's charging record.

Local partners

  • Crane Norway

  • IKM

  • IMAP

  • KIND

  • Naboen

  • Pizzabakeren

  • risa

  • spinn

  • Tide

  • Tørst Energidrikk

  • Uvex

  • Velde

  • Venue


  • Glava


  • Make!Graphics

  • Melings


  • Nordsjørittet

  • NSE

  • Preikestolen Design

  • PS


  • Servit

  • statens vegvesen

  • Westco miljø

Start/finish locations (muncipalities)

  • Eigersund kommune

  • Sola Kommune

  • Stavanger Kommune

  • Suldal Kommune

  • Ullensvang Kommune

  • Voss Herad

County authorities

  • Rogaland Fylkeskommune

  • Vestland Fylkeskommune

Other contributing muncipalities

Other public contributors and co-operating partners

  • Fjord Norway

  • Norske stat

  • Region Stavanger

  • Ryfolkefondet