Our sponsors play a crucial role in making Tour of Norway the success it is. We thank them all!


General partner


Repsol is one of the top companies in the oil and gas industry. We are present across the entire value chain: exploration and production, transformation, development, and marketing of energy that is efficient, sustainable, and competitive for millions of people.

Main partners

  • Coop

    Coop is Norway's second largest daily retailer and operates today approx. 1,150 grocery stores within six chain concepts: OBS, Extra, Coop Prix, Coop Mega, Coop Marked and Matkroken.

  • Maxim

    Since Maxim was founded by the English cyclist Steve Jennings in 1991 – Maxim Sports Nutrition has developed an extensive range of unique endurance, energy and protein products based on scientific research and developments. We strive to deliver natural, tasty and functional sports nutrition that fits your needs.

  • Visit Norway

    The Norwegian way of life. Equality, freedom… and waffles. The foods, traditions and way of life here on the outskirts of Europe may sometimes seem peculiar. Hopefully you can learn a thing or two by reading here.

Official partners

  • Berentsen

    Berentsens Brygghus AS - Etabl 1895 - Berentsens Brewery Team and the associated people are keen to deliver taste-experiences to customers in the South West and eventually beyond our homearea. The brewery is located on the coast - where the rough and beautiful nature is influencing the good taste! Eplemost with carbonated acid is one of the stars on Berentsen's team. Once you've earned it - we hope you taste our products. We love the cycling sport - it's fair and gives free experiences to the people!

  • Del Vegen

    "Del Vegen" is the Government Road Administration's campaign to improve understanding between cyclists and motorists in traffic. The main theme of the campaign in 2018 is the interaction between everyday cyclists and motorists in cities and towns. Both everyday cyclists and motorists are in the target group, and the messages are "seen when riding a bicycle" or "remember to watch cyclists." The most serious cycling accidents happen because cyclists are overlooked, even though there is full daylight, and accidents occur most often in urban areas.

  • Norsk Stein

    Norsk Stein AS produserer tilslag til asfalt og betong, pukk- og grusmaterialer til vegbygging og offshorekonstruksjoner. Me har fire produksjonsstader: Jelsa, Tau og Dirdal i Rogaland, og Larvik i Vestfold.
    Norsk Stein er landets største eksportør av pukk- og grusmaterialer, og omtrent all vår produksjon blir fraktet med båt til våre kunder.

  • Polestar

    Polestar is an electric performance car brand unlike any other. We innovate to drive progress and create a better future, a future that is sustainable and strikingly beautiful. We share technology and engineering expertise with the Volvo Car Group, yet we go our own way.
    We say “Goodbye Normal”.

  • Santini

    Since 1965, Italian brand Santini has produced bicycle clothing for both pros and amateurs, ladies and men - and now also Tour of Norway. Santini is considered a pioneer in cycling clothing and has for many years produced the most sought-after cycling jersey in the world: the World Champion jersey. In addition to the World Champion jersey, Santini also supplies clothes for Team Trek-Segafredo and Team Coop.

  • Tour des Fjords Experience

    Tour des Fjords Experience, is a new and exciting stage race over 3 days, with 3 different stages. You will get a taste of everything cycling has to offer with a time trial on the first day, an epic mountain stage in the fjords the second day and finally a tactical race on a well designed route the last day.

  • Twentyfour

    The Norwegian concept of TUR is deeply rooted in the Norwegians heritage. From the mountains to urban streets, TUR means celebrating time outdoors, no matter the weather-forecast. TUR is more than just an activity, it’s a lifestyle! Twentyfour is designed for good urban outdoor experiences – it’s all about going out, feeling fresh and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

    Nature is just outside - hope to see you out there!

Local partners

  • Bremnes Seashore

  • Dalane Energi

  • Hinna Park

  • KIND

  • Naboen

  • Pizzabakeren

  • Rental One

  • risa

  • Sinneshyttå

  • Sirdal Eiendom

  • Sirdal Høyfjellshotell

  • Sirdal Resort

  • Sirdalsferie

  • Solhytten

  • Tellenes Vindpark AS

  • Tørst Energidrikk

  • Velde


  • Eigersund Parkering

  • Floriss

  • G. Haugsgjerd Trafikkskole

  • Kodeks

  • melings

  • Nordsjørittet

  • Norway Bike Rental

  • Preikestolen Design

  • PS


  • spinn

  • statens vegvesen

  • Teccon

  • VB

  • Westco miljø

  • Westcontrol

Start/finish locations (muncipalities)

  • Eigersund kommune

  • Sirdal Kommune

  • Sokndal Kommune

  • Stavanger Kommune

  • Strand Kommune

County authorities

  • Agder Fylkeskommune

  • Rogaland Fylkeskommune

Other contributing muncipalities

Hjelmeland Kommune

Other public contributors and co-operating partners

  • Fjord Norway

  • Norske stat

  • Region Stavanger

  • Ryfolkefondet