Press information

If you wish to apply for accreditation or if you simply have a question, please contact: Roy Hegreberg (

Practical information:


Accreditations can be picked up the day before the start of the event at the start city.

For local medias or medias coming for part of the event, it is possible to pick up accreditations in each start city before the start of the stage or in the finish area at any time.

Car stickers:

All media cars must carry the official car sticker when driving part of the route or parking at the official media parking. These will be handed out personally to those who have requested it and got it confirmed.

Car stickers must be picked up before the start of stages since they are used during the stage and for parking. Registration number of the car must be provided.

Cars must have at least a 20-minute margin on the first rider when driving on the route and no car is allowed to overtake riders at any time.

Transport and parking:

Please note that you are responsible to check when you will have to be at the finish area the latest. Some stages have a final circuit which will affect the possibility to drive and park in the finish area. Please reach the finish area well in time and park at the parking places indicated on the technical guide.

For your information: There is no organized transport to/from the cities of start and finish.

Photo bibs:

Photo bibs are necessary in order to take photos in the finish area. It will be distributed in the finish area approximately 90 minutes before the finish of each stage. The number of photographers allowed on the finish area will be decided based on the actual space in the area. Priority will be given to agencies, then national, regional and local papers.

During podium ceremonies, there will be a priority area in front of the stage.

Please note that photo bibs are not requested outside fences.

Press centers:

There will be press centers in each of the finish cities, with working spots for media and free WIFI. Light food and drinks will be available.

The location of the press center of each stage is to be found in the technical guide.

Mixed zone:

Riders going on stage for the podium ceremony will be available for media in a mixed area behind the stage.

Other riders will be at their team buses, but no interview zone will be set there. Interviews would have to be agreed directly with the riders or their teams.