Media accreditation for Tour of Norway 2019

"New" Tour of Norway is a category UCI 2.HC race which will be held in May and June 2019. Tour des Fjords and "old" Tour of Norway were merged into a new event before the 2019 season. The name of the new event is Tour of Norway and the route is the following:

      • Stage 1: Tuesday 28 May: Stavanger - Egersund (168,5 km)
      • Stage 2: Wednesday 29 May: Kvinesdal - Mandal (174 km)
      • Stage 3: Thursday 30 May: Lyngdal - Kristiansand (180 km)
      • Stage 4: Friday 31 May: Arendal - Sandefjord (224 km)
      • Stage 5: Saturday 1 June: Skien - Drammen (159 km) 
      • Stage 6: Sunday 2 June: Gran (Hadeland) - Hønefoss (175 km)

Media accreditation:

The deadline for accreditation is May 16th 2019. You can apply for accreditation to individual stages or to all stages. Freelancers who apply for accreditation will need to attach a confirmation from the media they will work for. No accreditations are valid before written confirmation is received from OC.

Only photographers and pilots which carry the official approval from UCI for driving in races will get MC-approval. Radio receiver for radio tour required.

There is no organized transport to/from the cities of start and finish, but this can be fixed on request.

All media cars must carry the blue official car accreditation when driving parts of the route, or parking at the official parking spots. This car accreditation has to be requested and will be handed out together with the personal accreditation badges. No cars carrying the official blue accreditation have access closer than 20 minutes ahead of the first rider. No cars with blue accreditation are allowed to overtake riders at any time.

Accreditation: Please copy and send all requested information to

      • Name:
      • Mobile Phone:
      • E-mail:
      • Client – if freelance please state and attach confirmation from the employer:
      • Function (Journalist, Photograph, TV, Radio – not more than one category for each person):
      • Accreditation request (Individual stages or all stages):
      • Requesting the official blue car accreditation – registration number required:

Accommodation for media:

For accommodation information, please contact Chief of Press.

Press Centre:

There will be sub press centre with free WIFI in the cities where the stages end.

Press Conferences:

There will be mixed zone access each day with the winner of the stage and the overall leader. Others TBC.

For questions, please contact Chief of Press Morten Olsen on phone +47 95 87 55 66 or e-mail: