Traffic information 2019

A prominent international bike-race as Tour of Norway is dependent on safe roads for the riders, the cars and MC-bikes. They need to move unhindered, and we are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you as a spectator. We kindly ask you to understand that in order to keep riders and drivers safety we have to let some roads closed during the race. 

Phone directly to the race safety manager (only available during the race, and we kindly ask you to understand that we in some periods have difficulties answering all inquiries): +47 485 09 461 and +47 465 06 375. In case of health emergency, please contact the police directly by phone: 02800 or 112.

⇒ Sperreplan 1. etappe, 28. mai

⇒ Sperreplan 2. etappe, 29. mai

⇒ Sperreplan 3. etappe, 30. mai

⇒ Sperreplan 4. etappe, 31. mai

⇒ Sperreplan 5. etappe, 1. juni

⇒ Sperreplan 6. etappe, 2. juni