XPENG join Tour of Norway as official car partner


XPENG join Tour of Norway as official car partner

"We want more people to discover the joy of electric mobility and choose sustainable means of transportation. That's why our electric cars and one of the world's most beautiful cycling races is a perfect match. We want to demonstrate that there are alternatives to traditional modes of transportation, and the Tour of Norway provides an excellent platform for this. Moreover, seeing the shared values between XPENG and the Tour of Norway makes this collaboration a natural fit for us," said Claes Persson, director of Xpeng Motors (Norway) AS.

With XPENG by our side, we are ready to make Tour of Norway 2024 an unforgettable experience for riders, spectators, and our dedicated team of volunteers. Sustainability is crucial for Tour of Norway, and it's also important for XPENG. The car brand boasts AAA certification in its ESG report, demonstrating its position among the best in class in contributing to the green shift. Inclusion and social sustainability are also important values shared by the electric car brand and the cycling race, making XPENG and Tour of Norway a natural match.

In this year's race, XPENG will provide 30 fully electric support cars in the form of XPENG G9 Long Range. This class-leading electric SUV has a range of up to 570 km, making it ideal as a support vehicle for a cycling race covering long distances. The car's ultra-fast charging speed of up to 300 kW will also ensure quick charging stops along the way, making it less stressful for the drivers. In fact, the car charges so quickly that it holds the NAF's charging record.

Buckle up - Tour of Norway 2024 is just around the corner!"